Inspiration: Voices & Akercocke

I have been a fan of Akercocke for a number of years and have been inspired by their music. As they started to come to a grinding halt, I became quite sad as the prospect of new albums seemed more and more unlikely and when they finally called it a day I felt like one of the most interesting sounding extreme metal acts in the world had gone away. Today I discovered that Akercocke’s David Gray and Peter Benjamin actually made a new band called “Voices” and I’ve been listening to them all day. I really get hear that unique Akercocke style coming through, it’s just simply a wonderful sound.

New Website & Logo

For a long time my website has been sitting in a strange state. Existing between two completely different kinds of style or mood. It has kind of reflected, in a way, myself in relation to the images I have been producing and want to produce.

I have thought for a long time now that it was probably a better idea to aim for a style or aesthetic that is a crowd-pleaser and continue to make work for myself in private, but it has always sat uncomfortably with me as a representation of the person I truly am. I have reached the conclusion that I can’t have a half-hearted attempt to cover both what I want and what I think other people will want, so I have instead just gone completely in the direction of self service.

I’m very much pleased with the way the site looks now and how it displays images, I very much love my logo as I feel it fits closer to my personality than anything I have had before.

Website updates

I’m currently reworking my website with the intention to upload more work and more galleries.

Stay tuned!





I’m on the old instagram now! I suspect it shall be a place for me to release casual images and unfinished no-longer-loved photographs.

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Pinhole Self Portrait



I’ve always had a secret crush on pinhole photography. I once saw a picture online, unfortunately I do not remember where I saw it, and unfortunately I have resigned to believe that it was a photography taken by a fairly obscure amateur photographer. Anyway, the photograph itself was unlike all the super-polished photographs I was used to seeing, it was out of focus, grainy as hell and full of motion blur. It was a photograph of a beach with white flowers in the grass at the fringe of the sand, late afternoon.

It was absolutely magical. The atmosphere all these ‘defects’ built up in this picture absolutely stunned me, and ever since that moment I have always had this wistful idea that one day I’d build a pinhole camera and start shooting some stuff by myself.

Recently this little wistful idea of mine really began to pick up steam and I started to think to myself that it wouldn’t at all be difficult to create a pinhole camera, after all, it’s simple a dark box and a tiny hole with a light-sensitive medium to pick up the light. I eventually came to realize (after a bit of research here and there) that I could make a simple adaptation for my DSLR in order to turn it into a pinhole camera, and that’s what I did!

Soon I’ll post details on what I used to make a pinhole adaptation for my camera!


Just a quick note to say I’ve just started adding portfolio items to my website!


Portraits in various styles are available for viewing.

616 born to be vile | Anti Denim | 666 Frames



I recently put together a frame for Anti’s 666 Frames project. It’s an absolutely kick arse project full of really jaw-dropping pieces from artists all over the world, so make sure you check it out!

My frame is digital mixed media, and entitled “born to be vile”. It’s number 616 which I selected specifically because I wanted to do something with this number. I’m not sure if many other people would have selected their frame purely based on the number (except perhaps 666 itself!).