New Website & Logo

For a long time my website has been sitting in a strange state. Existing between two completely different kinds of style or mood. It has kind of reflected, in a way, myself in relation to the images I have been producing and want to produce.

I have thought for a long time now that it was probably a better idea to aim for a style or aesthetic that is a crowd-pleaser and continue to make work for myself in private, but it has always sat uncomfortably with me as a representation of the person I truly am. I have reached the conclusion that I can’t have a half-hearted attempt to cover both what I want and what I think other people will want, so I have instead just gone completely in the direction of self service.

I’m very much pleased with the way the site looks now and how it displays images, I very much love my logo as I feel it fits closer to my personality than anything I have had before.

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